From Poison to Performance

Choosing the best Anti-Fouling system is a complicated matter because there are so many choices out there; it’s a reoccurring time-consuming and costly process that boat owners often have to go through. Anti-fouling is about trying to keep the effectiveness of the wet hull as good as possible. In doing so, applying a poisonous layer on the submerged areas has, therefore, always been the most frequent remedy to prevent marine biofouling.

Understanding marine biofouling, however, and choosing the right anti-fouling systems to prevent growth for your particular sailing area can, therefore, in many cases be a tricky matter. Not all systems are equal, and not all can be used all over. Many fall under different rules and regulations.

Here, H2O Marine believes we can help! We believe Performance, Economics, and Sustainability go hand in hand. From this vision, we have developed: H2O Cleanshield.

H2O Cleanshield, in the simplest terms, is a ‘hybrid’ solution, which is non-biocidal. It complies with regulations in all sailing areas for all types of boats and crafts without any restrictions. Under the full direction of H2O Marine, our hybrid anti-fouling solution is manufactured in the Netherlands in accordance with the Dutch Naval tradition. It consists of a coating system in combination with a marine growth ultra-sonic prevention system.